SIG Center for Computer Graphics (Moore 103)

Thanks to a partnership with the Susquehanna International Group (SIG), the home for Penn Computer Graphics programs is the new SIG Center for Computer Graphics, a state-of-the-art facility housing an academic motion capture studio and a laboratory for special effects,

computer graphics and animation. Susquehanna International Group (SIG), a company at the helm of the latest trends in trading, market- making and research, currently employs five graduates of Penn’s Ph.D. program in Computer Graphics. The company chose to demonstrate

its appreciation of the contributions of our graduates by giving our current and future students the chance to learn and work in a magnificent venue. This gift, combined with other generous donations, has resulted in cutting-edge new facilities that support the academic mission of the programs in CG@Penn. The new center contains the H. Stone Animation Studio, the largest academic motion capture studio in the region. This center provides a state-of-the-art Vicon Motion Capture system and laboratory for projects such as 3D motion picture special effects,

computer graphics and animation, simulation and modeling of large-scale human crowds, and research into the interrelationships of human movement, language and communication.

CG@Penn has developed a comprehensive “full-service” academic mission, covering educational programs from High School to the PhD level. Our programs include the PhD program in the Center for Human Modeling and Simulation, the Masters’ in Science and Engineering in Computer Graphics and Game Technology, the undergraduate Bachelors’ in Science and Engineering in Digital Media Design, and school-year and summer High School programs in computer graphics. The SIG Center for Computer Graphics is unique in that it serves as a collaboration zone for all of our students, regardless of age or degree program. Our research projects cross traditional boundaries, and teams are frequently composed of student from all three programs, brought together to take advantage of their differing educational backgrounds and perspectives.

The open floor plan of the motion capture studio allows for easy access to collaborators. The lab offers computers, a motion capture system, and technologies. We are located on the ground floor of the Moore Building, right across from the ENIAC museum, at the corner of 33rd and Walnut Streets on the Penn Campus.

The SIG Center for Computer Graphics exists to promote first quality research of international stature. Our mission may be broadly defined as the study of multi-modal communication with computers. As such it encompasses generation of and human interaction with visual images, video, sound, and touch. Dr. Badler, the Center's Director, has been actively involved in the national and international computer graphics community since 1975. The Center has produced over 70 Ph.D. students and numerous Masters' degrees. The research of the Center is well represented in the mainstream computer graphics literature.

The facilities in the SIG Center for Computer Graphics provide an up-to-date technology environment with a large 16 camera Vicon motion capture system with a 25ft x 11ft capture area, various biometric sensors, and in-floor force plates, modern nVidia GPUs , video production stations, and of course computer workstations. An extensive book library is indexed and readily accessible along the studio walls. Each PhD student has a generous work area, shelves, and storage space. We have our own copy and fax facilities, a conference room and an all important kitchenette. An open work area serves as collaboration space. The large motion capture area doubles as visitor, undergraduate and graduate project space. The projection system and surround sound installation is handy for presentations and movie night. Most of our furniture is mobile, allowing reconfiguration of the open spaces for special events.

Large flat-panel monitors in one glass wall facing the entrance corridor show student demo videos, announce events, and promote the Center's research. The projection system and surround sound installation is handy for presentations and movie night. Most of our furniture is mobile, allowing reconfiguration of the open spaces for special events.

VR and AR systems:

4 Vive HMD

4 Hololens Augmented reality HMD

15 Oculus DK2 HMD

5 Oculus HMD Consumer (with Oculus Touch input) devices

5 VR capable desktop workstations

Motion Capture Area


Student Work Space



Ph.D Work Space