2018 Projects

Water on the Landscape of the Pre-Columbian Bolivian Amazon

by Susan Xie

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Juliann Barbella

Ayahuasca in the Bolivian Amazon

by Juliann Barbella

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Courtney Daub

Digitizing Affect: Visualizing a Shaman’s Curing Ceremony

by Courtney Daub

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Dzung Nguyen

A Fire Propagation Algorithm for Demonstrating Natural Fire Spreading Behaviors

by Dzung Nguyen

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Dillon Horwitz

Reconstructing a Ring Ditch with Palisade Wall

by Dillon Horwitz

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Anastasia Dombrowski

The Jaguar: Mythology and Culture in the Bolivian Amazon

by Anastasia Dombrowski

Interactive 3D models available.

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Lynn Oseguera

Decorating the Body: Hair, Piercings, and Body Art in the Amazon

by Lynn Oseguera

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Canal and Causeway Navigation in the Bolivian Amazon

by Adam Canarick

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