Reconstruction of the Landscape of Pre-Columbian Bolivian Amazonia and Creating Presence

  • By Spencer Webster-Bass, Effie Li, Eli Bogomolny, Seyoung An, and Daniel Pitt


Figure 1: Virtual reconstruction of Pre-Columbian Bolivian Amazonia village in Unreal

Figure 2: Method for reconstruction

Figure 3: Realistic, automatic generation of facial expressions for speaking in FaceFX

Figure 4: Aerial view of Baures from Bing Maps (13°45'41.65"S, 63°19'25.82"W)

Figure 5: Blurred RGB conversion of aerial view for procedural landscape painting

Figure 6: Completed landscape with causeways and canals highlighted

Figure 7: Blueprint code for attempt at redirected walking

Figure 8: User testing experience with Oculus RIft HMD

Figure 9: Cooking house furnished with hand-modeled objects and human model

Figure 10: Residential, round house furnished with appropriate objects and responsive human models