Inverse Kinematics using ANalytical Methods


IKAN is a complete set of inverse kinematics algorithms suitable for an anthropomorphic arm or leg.

IKAN uses a combination of analytic and numerical methods to solve generalized inverse kinematics problems including position, orientation, and aiming constraints. The combination of analytic and numerical methods results in faster and more reliable algorithms than conventioal inverse jacobian and optimization based techniques.

IKAN allows the user to interactively explore all possible solutions using an intuitive set of parameters that define the redundancy of the system.


IKAN is written in C++ and can be easily integrated into any software system. The package includes source code for the inverse kinematics library, detailed documentation, and several sample applications.

IKAN can be easily ported to various UNIX and Windows platforms.

IKAN methodology is explained very well in the paper Real-time inverse kinematics techniques for anthropomorphic limbs, submitted to the Journal - Graphical Models.


IKAN is available in two versions:


IKAN is now available from SourceForge! To download a copy of IKAN just follow this link: