Summer 2014 Research Application
Due by April 15th

The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation (HMS), housed in the SIG Center for Computer Graphics, is an exciting place to investigate computer graphics techniques for character modeling and human animation. Software tools include our own ADAPT system running on top of the Unity game engine. Hardware resources include human motion capture, a Smart Board, Google Glass, Leap motion and Kinects.

As a Research Assistant, you will work side by side with faculty, talented graduate students, and visitors from other universities. You will apply what you’ve been learning in a very direct way. Not only that, but you’ll learn the day-to-day operations of working with a team and developing experience and relationships to help you further your career. Alumni of our summer programs hare been offered great jobs in the animation and game industries. The ultimate goals of our internship program is to give you the best educational internship experience of your life, contribute to the SIG Center's research agenda, and let you produce results you are proud to show off in your demo reel.

Sample Projects
Augmented Reality Applications for Large Screen Displays Touch-Based Interface for Google Glass Real-time Optimization of Interactive Character Animation Based on a Space-Time Constraints Approach Processing

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